Choose An Inflatable Water Slide With These Add-Ons

An inflatable water slide can provide hours of entertainment for children at a birthday party, family reunion, or church picnic. When you find a company in your community that specializes in inflatable games, you can expect to see a large inventory of water slides for rent. It's important to take your time checking out each of the models so that you can choose the right one. While some water slides have a basic design, others feature a variety of add-on items that can be fun for the children. Read More 

Planning A Springtime Wedding Reception?

Although the spring months are quickly approaching, the weather across the United States can still be extremely unpredictable. This ever-changing weather can be frustrating for anyone, but it is especially difficult for party planners to deal with. Spring weather can be warm and balmy at one moment and chilly at the next moment. As a party planner, attempting to plan a wedding during the spring months can appear to be nearly impossible! Read More 

Having A Birthday Party? 5 Fun Reasons To Have Bounce Houses For Rent

Are you looking to make your kid's birthday party fun and memorable? A bounce house is a must-have in any fun event for children. They can spend hours goofing around the bounce house. Bounce houses come in various designs, shapes, and sizes. You will get a bounce house that works for whatever space you have. Some can even fit in an average-sized living room. So why should you have bounce houses for rent at your kid's birthday party? Read More 

Three Ways To Use Card Tables At A Family Gathering

Your local table rental service likely has all sorts of unique tables that can be a good fit for a number of events, but it never hurts to look at conventional options when you're planning a family party in your home. One product that you'll almost certainly encounter is a card table, which is a simple table that is generally square and relatively small in size. It's possible that you own your own card table, but renting a few pieces of this furniture can be useful for all sorts of family gatherings. Read More 

Top Types Of Party Equipment Rentals To Look Into For Your Child’s Birthday Party

If you are going to be hosting a birthday party for your child soon, then you might need to contact a company that offers party equipment rentals. They might have lots of different things that you can rent so that you can host a better birthday party. These are some of the different types of party equipment rentals that you might want to look into for your child's upcoming birthday party. Read More